WEA Evening Course: Session 2005

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Title of course:


Venue: Christchurch Church Rooms, London Road, Coalville, Leics., England
Duration: 8 meetings of 1½ hours = 12 guided learning hours
Time: 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Start Date: Tuesday 4 October 2005
Half term break: Tuesday 1 November 2005
End date: Tuesday 29 November 2005
Tutor: Peter Millington. [Home Page: http://petemillingon.uk/]

Course aim:

The aims of this course was to introduce students to the varied heritage of English folklore and traditional customs that surrounds them, both locally and nationally.

During the course the learners were introduced to the social factors and processes that mould traditions and customs. They received guidance on gathering information on traditions and customs from documentary sources and face-to-face contacts. Learners were helped to interpret evidence with particular reference to the origins and history of our customs and traditions.

The topics covered included:

As a result of this course it was possible for learners to:

Teaching/learning methods included:

No previous knowledge was necessary, although an interest in vernacular arts and local or oral history would have been an advantage. All were welcome, including students originating from outside the East Midlands.

During the course, the tutor offered information and advice about further opportunities for learning. These included local or family projects, university courses and opportunities for traditional performance.

Reading List

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